Tuesday, January 11, 2011

NCC Sent off 2010

Finally after those funny and good exams my NCC life was getting over, I got many good experience through it most of all I got many friend. I was happy and sad at the same time, happy because I don’t have to get up early during Saturdays and go for parade, sad because I was leaving an entire world of fun. Sometimes we have to give up achieving bigger things. We had NCC sent off on 20 March 2010 and I did the MC for that day, usually we should have given it to the juniors but my senior Sussky insisted that I should do it. Then I thought let it be because it is the last time that NCC is giving me another opportunity.

     The program went well and Principal was our chair person. Many of the seniors gave a last speech and same way juniors expressed their sincere gratitude. Then our Ex-seniors gave one of the seniors for the most dedicated cadet, Sajna was the most dedicated cadet that year. That concept was brought by the Ex-seniors only.

      After that program we had ice cream distribution, and seniors ate ice cream as if they never had ice cream in their life. It was getting late and was 4pm. We soon went to Muzhappilangad beach to enjoy and play in the sunset. After spending a long time there, we returned back. That’s it NCC is over for me. Only thing which remain is just some memories in my heart. I miss NCC and it is a great place to be in.

The great NCC exams

B certificate and C certificate exams are the major exams in NCC. B certificate exam occurred in our college on 6 and 7 February 2010. Our juniors were not prepared for the exam; they didn’t get weapon assembling classes from battalion as CO had clashes with our NCC officer. Then our juniors had exam for two days. First day they had theory exam and second day there was drill test. Theory exam was good one and seniors really helped them. Many took NCC guides in exam hall and they copied well. We encouraged our juniors too to take the book and promised that we will help them during exams.

     Seniors prepared lime juice for the cadets and that preparation was funny. We had a big vessel and the ingredients but no spoon to stir. We used two separate vessels to mix the contents, some insisted that we should use our naked hands and stir but I and many others hesitated to do it. We prepared the juice by the end of exam and all seniors distributed the juice in the exam rooms. We helped maximum cadets and helped them. PI staffs also helped them. NCC exams are like that, I thought it occurred like this only in Kannur but soon I understood in my C Certificate exam that it is always like copying only.
     The drill test was another joke. Most of the cadets didn’t know the assembling of weapons. We helped our cadets maximum and tell them to do fast and escape from there. The PI staffs were seeing our activities and were laughing like hell. The other drills were fine and it went well. The juniors thanked us very much.

Our C certificate exam was in  West hill Polytechnic College. We had to stay there for two days to complete our test. The girl cadets’ test was over in the first day only but we waited for the boys and then we returned. We booked a hotel for our stay and went to West hill. The exam was on 14 February 2010. We left college on 13 February and went to Calicut by train. Susmita’s mother was there with us. The train journey was superb, few were studying and few were talking. We sang, danced and enjoyed the journey. We reached in night 8pm and ate food and then slept. There were some room confusion as some of the girls wanted to stay in the sane room and there was a little misunderstanding there. Susmita and Anju cried from there because of this reason.

    The next day we got up early and ate food, and then we went to the exam center. There were more than 1000 cadets including both boys and girls. I got a little scared for the exam but it didn’t matter. Soon we were given rooms for the theory exams. All of us took the guides for the exam, the officers were strangers for us but they too helped us for the exam. They give signal to remain silent whenever the group commander came and passed by. We were such good cadets and we obeyed them carefully. Then it happened, we got another signal from the officers that the Group commander was coming, I and many cadets were outside and writing exam. We soon stopped copying and remained silent and disciplined. But the cadets inside the class room next to us failed to get the signal from the officers and they were still copying. The group commander caught Bharathasree red handed and started lecturing. I thought he would ban her further writing the exam but it didn’t happen. He just lectured and allowed to write the exam. The theory exam was fine and I was sure that I would pass in it.

Again there was drill test and weapon drill test. That too went well and girls finished their test and went to the hotel back. We had firing test too that day, which was only for the first batch. I was in the first batch and my five rounds hit the target. I was so happy and there were many cadets who were having their first firing. But they too were lucky to hit their targets. That day was a superb one. Many cadets went back home that day. But Seeju, Vimna and Greeshma remained there and went next day with the boys together. We had chicken Biriyani next day. That was a superb one.

The return journey was also good. We traveled in train and polytechnic college cadets also accompanied us. NCC was finally over by that exam. But those good and bad memories still remains in my mind and when I think of those moments it is simply awesome.

The Republic Parade

S N College and Polytechnic College always had fights for fame in NCC as we belonged under the battalion the fight was bit strong. We fought for best troop competition during RD and ID parades, for seniority in camps and best ‘treats’ from Battalion and camps too. Always S N College had more priority in everything but last few years S N College lost their glory in best troop competition parade during Republic day in the Police ground where the competition took place. We have been trying to get back the glory but it seems that the polytechnic cadets were way too strong.

      In 2010 we were the seniors and the drill of our juniors was way too below the standards. So chance of winning was luck. NCC officers saw our performance during the RD rehearsals and mocked us, at the same time they supported Polytechnic cadets. Our seniors was getting tempered and ashamed of it so they thought they definitely had to get back the glory, from that day on many seniors came and started giving us training and training was bit strict. So tough and some of us got tired but the seniors didn’t care. We scolded seniors silently (that’s all we could do) but our parade didn’t go well and for the two rehearsals our standard was low but improved.
     The day before the parade most of the seniors arrived and they gave us lot of confidence and inspiration by their speech and most of us were touched by it. So we thought definitely we have to win this. And we did! That’s was a great moment to be cherished, finally we got our glory back and we mocked at polytechnic seniors and juniors in the bus while we returned. You should have seen their faces filled with shame. We were roaring like victorious lion.

My last NCC camp

I had my last NCC camp in December at Mattanur 2009. I was a girl senior in that camp. It is a camp that I could never forget because there were many activities and so much fun in that camp. Camp events went on as planned. Sudhi was the camp senior and Pyare of poly technic college was the girl senior. We had parasailing in that camp. It was a good one.

I can say that we had played many things in that camp, all laziness and all mischief’s. Seeju, Susmita, Sajna were in that camp. We all were so close in that camp, Seeju and Susmita always played mischiefs in the camp, they found or made reasons to bunk parade and physical training sessions in morning. That was cool, Seeju had broken her leg in the camp and she bunked from all parade like that same way Susmita broke her hand. I had a small fever and I too bunked few parades. Once Sudhi almost found this, Seeju and Susmita was admitted in MI room due to their illness. Sajna, Pyare, Anagha and I were feeling tired and we went to MI room and slept for two hours. There were no girl senior in parade ground and Sudhi found this. Soon he called Sajna and Anagha from MI room and started taking weapon drill for guard of honor, the guard members were really exhausted due to continuous parade and then he learned from Sajna that I was also in MI room. He called me too and started taking weapon drill, because of my bad performance whole guard members got punishment. Then after 10 minutes he dispersed the guard team. Anagha was crying and he scolded Sudhi, well not directly but she expressed her anger to us.

           We had parasailing in Muzhappilangad beach, it was my first one and I can say that it was really great. Few cadets have parasailing in morning like me and rest had in evening. The wind was not favoring that day’s activity. Two days we had parasailing and also the parasailing troops showed us other stuff such as tree climbing, roof climbing and etc. it was a good experience and Commanding officer Col A K Varma was there with us all day. He scolded Sudhi as he played circus during parasailing. But he didn’t care.
          We had also firing competition and I can say that I was not a good shooter but my juniors, they always hit Bull’s eye and I used wonder. It was also a opportunity to find best shooter and select cadets for next TSC camp. Few got chance and seniors got many chance to fire using LMG. There was competition among seniors too, Sajna had very good eye for shooting.

      The food in the camp was not good and they never gave us food as said in the menu. Our NCC officer Dr Sathish and Mattanur NCC officer also complained to group commander about this. This made the CO very angry and he was transferred later due to this but in his time we had B Certificate exam and he didn’t allow our cadets to study about weapon drill from Battalion. But our juniors’ way too smarter and they escaped that weapon drill session during the exams.

      Seeju and Sajna did the “Pilot” when Group commander arrived. Seeju’s led was not at all well but she insisted to Sudhi that she really want to do Piloting. The teachers too said many things regarding this. But she didn’t listen.

Rekhitha & I did the MC in camp, Group commander came to visit us. we did MC for that day, and final camp day. It was a superb one. The final day in camp was so superb. We publically commented about the food and such camp things. CO didn’t expected that I think so. Susmitha and Bharathasree performed a classical dance for the last day and that was a awesome one. Camp fire was a superb thing and Dileesh was the DJ, but we had few minutes to celebrate it. we got many friends from the camp and the camp was simply superb for me in all ways.

NCC rally for wildlife conservation 2009

 A wildlife conservation awareness rally was planned by Kerala wildlife conservation forum in Kannur (Malabar); NCC cadets were there for the rally. It was conducted on 11 December 2009 in evening and several municipality authorities were present for the same. The rally started in evening and several other school students performed cultural activities in the rally. There was “dhaffMutt” by the CHM school students. Selected first year and second year cadets participated in the rally, after the rally there were awareness speech and such programs in town hall. The funny thing is that in noon the program members were given chicken Biriyani for lunch. We reached back to college by 6pm and soon we rushed to reach back home as it was getting dark soon.

Guard of honor 2009

Guard of honor competition was there on 31 (K) Bn Burnacherry on 5.11.2009. Group commander was the chief guest. Sudhi Krishnan was the guard commander and I was the regimental police to show the way to Group commander. Susmita & Anju were the pilots. Choice, Arjun, Vineesh, Nithin, Mansoor were other guard members. By noon guard of honor was completed. Formerly Dileesh was in the guard of honor group as second commander but as his voice was not suiting the camp he was replaced by Mansoor. Mansoor came on the Guard of honor day. Dileesh was really sad about it, he was always humiliated because of his height. After the program we got biscuits as prize no one really liked it but everyone ate it. Funny! I took many photos of guard of honor and its practice. It was so superb and I made a video on it too.

Blood donation camp @ SN college

 Blood donation camp occurred in our college on 29 October 2009 on behalf of NCC UNIT in S N college, NCC officer Dr Sathish C P was in charge of the event. Program began at 10 am and end at 2 PM. Blood donation and identification of blood group were the main activities of the camp. DR P Balakrishnan gave counselling on blood donation. NCC cadets supported all the activities which took on that day. I helped to make posters and placards.

         More than 100 people including students and teachers donated blood on that day. Former NCC cadets, Existing cadets, students of various department, teachers and staff donated blood that day. It was a grant success and our college became first in numbers of blood donors that day, the previous blood donor number was 76 in Kannur, but our 100 blood donors added glory to our college and 120 students detected their blood group. As I had to attend Guard of honor event next day we couldn’t give blood that day. I regret it because the guard of honor day was cancelled due to some reasons but I was lucky that I really helped all on that day.